How can a travel agent help me fundraise?

There are many options to fundraise for your organization, and travel is a great way to do so!
Between casino day trips and group adventures, your organization is sure to find the perfect way to raise money quick!

Using travel as a fundraiser is an excellent way to raise money quickly with little to no cost to the organization! With small down payments, a casino trip or bus trip is a sure fire way to bring in plenty of cash with little out of pocket expense.

Group pricing for a fundraiser is also a great way to bring in cash! If you have a social club or a group of like minded individuals, you can create a group trip to do something everyone already enjoys and raise money while doing it. A trip to a theme park, for instance is a great way to raise money for a sports team.

Choosing to raffle off a trip is also a great way to make some cash for a fundraising night. An inexpensive trip is a great way to auction off, or sell tickets for.

There are many options available for fundraising, so give us a call to start planning your fund raiser now!
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